Prayer Wall

November 29, 2022


New requests:

Prayers for the Family of Chad Blackwelder, submitted by Pastor Jerry

Carol Johanson, please pray for my mother Carol who is hospitalized with complications from the flu, submitted by Laurie Molloy

Keith Lashmit, heart and medical problems, submitted by Christina Lashmit, Keith’s wife

Christina Lashmit, cancer treatments, submitted by Keith and Christina Lashmit

Prayers for Ken, our friend who passed shortly after being moved to Hospice, pray for his wife Ann, Terry & Kathy Thornett, Ken and Ann’s friends

Rachel Randleman, my heart is broken over family issues and the struggles I face to accomplish God’s will for my life, please pray for me especially and my family as well to overcome the disappointment, discouragement and attacks by the Devil, submitted by Rachel Randleman

Pray for my sister coming to this country soon, pray she is approved to come to the US, submitted by Loana Ferrer De Diaz

Jonathan Martin, back and joint pain, submitted by Karen Martin, Jonathan’s wife

Carol Smith (Jonathan Martin’s mother), in rehab facility, soon to transition to full time care, submitted by Karen Martin, Carol’s daughter-in-law

David G., successful surgery and recovery, submitted by Roz Piccolo

Patti, for serenity and a peaceful heart, submitted by Roz Piccolo, Patti’s sister

Job search and interviews for me; and Kristin’s (my daughter’s) final exams, submitted by Trish Binkley

Phillip Garrison, kidney removed on November 29th, Phillip is 78 years old please pray for a successful surgery and recovery, submitted by Rachel Randleman, Phillip’s sister

Randy, Courtney & Michael, submitted by Rachel Randleman, Randy and Michael’s mother and Courtney’s mother-in-law

Matt McKnight, cancer, submitted by Sheila Smith

Tammy Swicegood and family, Todd’s sister, submitted by Sheila Smith

Sydney and Zayne Smith, submitted by Sheila, Sydney and Zayne’s mother

Caden Swicegood, submitted by Sheila Smith

Steven Nixon, cancer, submitted by Sheila Smith

Kinley Holmes, dealing with difficulties with learning and some emotional issues (autistic), submitted by Melissa Holmes and Sheryl WIlliamson

Austin Bodenhamer, injured in a motor vehicle accident – home now and recovering, submitted by Barry & Marianella Bodenhamer, Austin’s parents

Brinny Louise Walker, 2 1/2 years old, recently diagnosed with AML, submitted by Johnsie Strand

Continue to pray for Beverly G. and Brad P, as they continue to battle cancer, submitted by Laurie Cruise

Continue to pray for:

Victims of war in both Ukraine & Russia

World Leaders to reach peace

Those with ongoing health issues:

Craig Garner

Vicki G.

Jim Swanson

Sharon Sweat

Elmer Nash

Jim Jones

Brian Refo

Jerry Dufur

Larry Williams

Jason Stewart

Janice Winslow

Shannon Grimes

Donna Judd

Jenna Hammond

Paige Hammond

Betty Jobe

Ronnie Westberry

Howard Little

Elizabeth Taylor

Bobby Sanders

Clark Fox

Mary Fowler

Dave Moore

Robbie Nations

Sheryll Bennett

Karen Trunzo

Olivia Mulligan

Lisa Halstead

Patti Kimble

Don Jenkins

Theresa Webb

Thelma Girard

Those with cancer:

Paula Campbell

Philip Garrison

Steve Michael Sheets

David Holland

Michael A.

Donna Hatcher


Pamela Hubbard

Jenny Felix

Sue Easter


Billy Crews

Baron Dulin

Seth Perdue

Angie Buchannon

Kathy James

Lianne Smiley

Caroline William Shrewsbury

Glenver Shrewsbury

Jim Swanson

Barry Barto

Martin Wright

Michael Hough

Steve Ford

Clay Peterson

Ron Brown

Cindy Quate

Terry Kirkman

Mighty Maeson

Cameron Bates

Larry Maison

Sue Stuphin


Ministry Directors

Jerry Webb

Jerry Webb


Tori Elliott Gingerich

Tori Elliott Gingerich


Cristy Strickland

Cristy Strickland

Director of Children's Ministry & Assistant to the Pastor

Noah Elliott

Noah Elliott

Director of Youth & Young Adults Ministries

Tina Woosley

Tina Woosley

Director of Finance & Administration