Prayer Wall

 May 23, 2022


New requests:

Julie Stoakley and family as we care for her, suffering from dementia – hospice care, submitted by Lori Barr, Julie’s daughter

The family of Melissa Forbes, Megan Brown’s sister who passed away from cancer last week, submitted by Megan and her family

Father-in-law in Hospice Care, please pray for our family, submitted by Lynne (Paul) Farmer

Pray for the victims, families and healing required with the multiple shootings around our nation, submitted by Pastor Jerry

Robbie Nations, ICU with infection, submitted by Sally Barney, close friend to Robbie

Sheryll Bennett, surgery for a brain tumor on May 17th, submitted by Stephanie Bennett, Sheryll’s daughter-in-law

Mary Wiley, recovering from surgery, submitted by Craig Wiley

Larry Perry, suffered a stroke last Thursday, submitted by Luanne Brooks, Larry’s sister-in-law

The Family of Rhod Collins, submitted by Shannon Grimes

Sabrina and baby/pregnancy, submitted by Shannon Grimes, Sabrina’s mother

Kaity (Smart) Bowles, surgery on May 16th, submitted by Marge and Stan Barnett, Kaity’s grandparents

Ron Brown, chemo treatments for cancer, submitted by Jim and Patti Stapleton

Prayers for me and my family, submitted by Lori Lane

Dirk Diggler, pray for progress

Pray for my brother-in-law’s son who suffered a stroke and is hospitalized, submitted by Debra Turner

Shawn Segman, ICU, submitted by Craig and Mary Wiley

Janice Winslow, back surgery, submitted by Craig and Mary Wiley

Margaret Perry, health issues, submitted by Kayla and Evan

House and Job search, submitted by Kayla and Evan

Stephen, struggling with addiction, submitted by Roz Piccolo, Stephen’s aunt

Pray for my complete healing from cancer! – prayer is working numbers are so much better, submitted by Cindy Quate

Gavin’s grandfather Walt, cancer, submitted by Susan Burton

Martin Wright, cancer, submitted by Susan Burton, Martin’s niece

Donna Judd, sick, submitted by Susan Burton, Donna’s niece

Jamie, to find the right job, submitted by Susan Burton

Continue to pray for:

Victims of war in both Ukraine & Russia

World Leaders to reach peace

Those with ongoing health issues:

Keith Lashmit

Chuck Bayes

Emma Rose Darr

Craig Garner

Karen Trunzo

Olivia Mulligan

Lisa Halstead

Patti Kimble

Mark Untz

Chris Eagle

Don Jenkins

Kathy Shepard

Melanie Cyre

Ronald Wilson

Matthew Draughn

Theresa Webb

Paisley Speas

Wanda Slade

Thelma Girard

Those with cancer:

Terry Kirkman

Mighty Maeson


Greg Andrews

Jeff Whitney

Cindy Quate

Gary Blakely

Cameron Bates

Larry Maison

Christina Lashmit

Hoyt Dorsett

Sue Stuphin

Angie Buchannon

Brad Atkins

Ministry Directors

Jerry Webb

Jerry Webb


Tori Elliott Gingerich

Tori Elliott Gingerich


Cristy Strickland

Cristy Strickland

Director of Children's Ministry & Assistant to the Pastor

Noah Elliott

Noah Elliott

Director of Youth & Young Adults Ministries

Tina Woosley

Tina Woosley

Director of Finance & Administration