Prayer Wall

August 10, 2022


New requests:

Ron Vanderklok, healing for a broken arm, submitted by Becki Vanderklok, Ron’s wife

Children’s Ministry volunteers at Hillsdale Church, pray for the need to fill volunteers in both Power Hour and the Nursery care ministries, submitted by Cristy Strickland, Children’s Ministry Director

Elizabeth Taylor, health and well being as she cares for our dad, Howard Little Jr, submitted by Howard Little III, Elizabeth’s brother

Pray for Police, fire fighters, EMS and first Responders, submitted by Howard Little III

Pray for our Teachers and Administrators upon the return to school, submitted by Howard Little III

Pray for international relations with Taiwan and China, submitted by Howard Little III

Pray for the victims and families left with loss/devastation from the Kentucky flooding disaster, submitted by Pastor Jerry

Billy Crews, pray for strength as he faces radiation therapy with a recent diagnosis of prostate cancer, submitted by Elaine, Billy’s wife and Kristina, Billy’s daughter

Friend in a recent motorcycle accident, pray for recovery, submitted by Angela Agner

My mom recovering from hospitalization with covid and subsequent pnuemonia, submitted by Angela Agner

Prayers for my daughter Caitlin’s pregnancy, submitted by Robyn Succop

Prayers for my brother Craig Garner’s continued struggles with Alzheimer’s, submitted by Robyn Succop

Gina and Len Short, pray for peace and healing, submitted by Roz Piccola

Keith Lashmit, pray for his continued back and health problems, submitted by Christina, Keith’s wife

Christina Lashmit, cancer struggles and chemo therapy side effects, submitted by Keith, Christina’s husband

Beverly G., continued prayers as she struggles with cancer treatment, submitted by Laurie Cruse, Beverly’s friend

Stephen Mixon, cancer, submitted by Lori Lane

Pray for Mike and Laura as they grieve the loss of their son, submitted by Todd Barr

Prayers for Stuart, struggles, submitted by Todd Barr

Prayers for Bryan and Laura, struggles, submitted by Todd Barr

Prayers for Beverly, life to improve and housing to become available, submitted by Todd Barr

Evan, our son, as he prepares and leaves for college, submitted Todd Barr, Evan’s dad

Prayers for my mom Lorraine, health and life issues, submitted by Phil Chavez, Lorraine’s son

Prayers for my Uncle Steve and Aunt Jackie, health and life issues, submitted by Phil Chavez

Prayers for me that God will bless me with a relationship, submitted by Phil Chavez

Brian Refo, major stroke, pray for full recovery, submitted by Donna French, Brian’s mother-in-law

Roger and Jaunita Gibson, daughter passed away, submitted by Craig and Mary Wiley

Darion Gibson, mother passed away, submitted by Craig and Mary Wiley

Pray for Inez Jenkins, submitted by Craig and Mary Wiley

Pray for Pam Hubbard, submitted by Craig and Mary Wiley

Bill and Robert Fowler, submitted by Sheila Smith

Pray for Ann Nail-Rich, hospice care, also her brother, Jimmy Nail and family, submitted by Sheila Smith

Continue to pray for:

Victims of war in both Ukraine & Russia

World Leaders to reach peace

Those with ongoing health issues:

Mary Fowler

Bill Fowler

Jason Stewart

Jeff Bailey

Morris Floyd

Brian Refo

Bob Molloy

Craig Wiley

Dave Moore

Paul Farmer, Sr – hospice care

Robbie Nations

Sheryll Bennett

Donna Judd

Karen Trunzo

Olivia Mulligan

Lisa Halstead

Patti Kimble

Don Jenkins

Theresa Webb

Thelma Girard

Those with cancer:

Baron Dulin

Michael S.

Seth Perdue

Angie Buchannon

Kathy James

Lianne Smiley

Pam Hubbard

Caroline William Shrewsbury

Glenver Shrewsbury

Jim Swanson

Barry Barto

Martin Wright

Frederick Crumpton

Michael Hough

Steve Ford

Clay Peterson

Ron Brown

Cindy Quate

Terry Kirkman

Mighty Maeson

Jeff Whitney

Gary Blakely

Cameron Bates

Larry Maison

Christina Lashmit

Sue Stuphin


Ministry Directors

Jerry Webb

Jerry Webb


Tori Elliott Gingerich

Tori Elliott Gingerich


Cristy Strickland

Cristy Strickland

Director of Children's Ministry & Assistant to the Pastor

Noah Elliott

Noah Elliott

Director of Youth & Young Adults Ministries

Tina Woosley

Tina Woosley

Director of Finance & Administration