Prayer Wall

July 16, 2024

Please pray for David Hastings, submitted by Keith Lashmit

Please pray for my mom Lois and our family, mom has been declining in health and now is in hospice care, pray for God’s comfort and peace, submitted by Barbara Hurdle

Please pray for our daughter Reagan, she will have her tonsils removed this coming Thursday morning (July 18) at Brenners, submitted by Benjamin and Ryanne Wallace

Prayers for our church and our Nation, Thank you Lord for all of your blessings, submitted by Debra Turner

Please pray for wisdom for our leaders and good moral leadership for this country, submitted by Roz Piccolo

Mike Orsillo, successful cardioversion procedure at Duke Medical Center today, July 8th, pray for continued success and recovery, submitted by Pastor Jerry

Ellis Carlton, struggling with cancer and bladder issues, pray for recovery and comfort, submitted by Pastor Jerry

Sandi Yezbak, home from the hospital recovering from pneumonia, please pray for her healing and full recovery, pray also for Sandi’s husband George who is now struggling with the flu, submitted by Pastor Jerry

Nancy Dunn, home from surgery to her elbow after a fall, please pray for Nancy’s healing and full recovery, submitted by Pastor Jerry

Please continue to pray for Greg Pryce and Mary Carter as they continue cancer treatments, also pray for Bettie Manley and her family after the loss of her son-in-law, submitted by Laurie Cruse

Sarah and Reagan, Hayden’s wife and 1 year old, please continue to pray for them, submitted by Laurie Cruse

Pray for my son Ian, pray for his heart to seek the promise of the Gospel, submitted by Jack Sweat

Please pray for Kassie Walter (our granddaughter), Mike Orsillo (health issues), Kaity Bowles (our granddaughter) – starting new job, Darryl Bryan (our son-in-law) – pain relief in his foot, submitted by Stan & Marge Barnett

Pray for Janet Sweat Boger, heart attack, heart surgery scheduled for Monday, also for salvation for my son and daughter, submitted by Jack and Sharon Sweat

Please continue to pray for my sister Mary, whose fiance was killed in car accident, submitted by Roz Piccolo

Prayers for Theresa Bobbitt (broken arm), James (heart issues), Billy Myers and Family, for safe travels for my sister going to Alaska, for Jerry and Family, submitted by Debra Turner

Buddy Sink, recent bone cancer diagnosis, submitted by Pastor Jerry (Buddy is Jerry’s cousin)

Please pray for my dear friend Amber who is battling reoccuring breast cancer, submited by Carrie Clemmer

Bria Scott, 15 year old hospitalized at Brenner’s ICU, pray for the medical community to diagnose and successfully treat Brea as she fights for her life, submitted by Carrie Chapple

Barbara Hurdle, chemo therarpy treatment for cancer, pray for Barbara, her husband Ben as well as their entire family as they navigate treatments and therapy, submitted by Pastor Jerry

Prayers for Sharon and Bertha as they begin treatment for breast cancer, submitted by Roz Piccolo

Please pray for Connie and Carl Bailey, submitted by Lori and Jeff Bailey, Connie and Carl are Jeff’s parents

Prayers for my sister Patti who is suffering from severe and chronic psoriatic arthritis, submitted by Roz Piccolo

Prayers for my sister Kathryn, diagnosed with breast cancer, submitted by Vickie Hardy

Terri Barto, hip replacement; Adrienne Jones, emergency appendectomy; Tim Bowie, pancreatic cancer; Pat, fractured pelvis, submitted by Craig and Mary Wiley

Glenda Taylor, begins treatment for pancreatic cancer this week, submitted by Sheila Page, Glenda’s niece

Rhonda Clodfelter, tumor on her kidney, will have removed in the near future, submitted by Tyler O’Donnell

Continue to pray for:

Victims of War in Israel and Palestine

Victims of war in both Ukraine & Russia

World Leaders to reach peace

Those with ongoing health issues:

Ann Hunt

Greg Strand

Theresa Webb

Theresa Barto

Barbara Johnston

Alice Gallimore

Rita Keen

Sean Clontz

Joe & Joan Zeppo

Adam Lopez

Walter Schroth

Hazelanne Barber

Emily Padgett

Eloise Snow

James Gaddy

Marilyn James

Larry Murphy

Justin Jackson

Shannon Grimes

Allen Lane

Craig Garner

Buck Potts

Clayton L. Wiley, Sr

Sharon Sweat

Kenley Holmes

Jim Swanson

Elmer Nash

Brian Refo

Janice Winslow

Jenna Hammond

Paige Hammond

Betty Jobe

Ronnie Westberry

Bobby Sanders

Clark Fox

Mary Fowler

Dave Moore

Robbie Nations

Sheryll Bennett

Karen Trunzo

Olivia Mulligan

Lisa Halstead

Patti Kimble

Don Jenkins

Thelma Girard

Those with cancer:

Doug Wenner

Jack Sweat

Charles Sexton

Frank Hocivot

Jason Buckner

Nancy Stancil

Scott Seekins

Donna Judd

Greg Pryce

Breanna Mitchell

Tom Newman

Tim Bauguess

Aubry Godin

Carolyn Jakobowski

Mighty Maeson

Roger Norman

Jim Hambleton

Don Huff

Paula Campbell

Philip Garrison

Donna Hatcher

Pamela Hubbard

Jenny Felix

Sue Easter

Billy Crews

Seth Perdue

Angie Buchannon

Lianne Smiley

Caroline William Shrewsbury

Glenver Shrewsbury

Jim Swanson

Barry Barto

Michael Hough

Clay Peterson

Ron Brown

Terry Kirkman

Cameron Bates

Larry Maison

Sue Stuphin





Ministry Directors

Jerry Webb

Jerry Webb


Tori Elliott Gingerich

Tori Elliott Gingerich


Cristy Strickland

Cristy Strickland

Director of Children's Ministry & Assistant to the Pastor

Noah Elliott

Noah Elliott

Director of Youth & Young Adults Ministries

Tina Woosley

Tina Woosley

Director of Finance & Administration